Saturday, March 1, 2014

doughnut do this at home

Let's talk food.  A couple weeks ago, I saw all these pins for homemade doughnuts.  

This girl likes some doughnuts ya'll.

Ok, let's all be honest here, what don't I like?

There's not much.

So I did my homework and I looked at all the recipes, the ingredients, the effort. I was in. What's a girl to do but, get online and order a doughnut pan! It arrived and I was stoked to make my first pan of cake doughnuts. 

You know, start off easy with cake doughnuts, then work up to the yeast doughnuts that call for the extra work of rising and frying, etc., etc.

So I opened up the fridge to find I'd used my last stick of butter with not a spare left in the freezer.


Well Handsome Husband came to my rescue and was picking up a few things from the store for me so I added butter to the list.  Little did I know, that our week would grow increasingly busier and there wouldn't be a minute of time left to make doughnuts.

I mean, doughnuts are on my list of frivolous foods.  Just not necessary, more a treat than a healthy, power-packed breakfast. 

Here we are, weeks later and the doughnut pan that I tracked and waited days to get, has been washed, dried and put away.

Today, I've had a real craving for doughnuts but, to make a long story short...Miss K took on the challenge to cut sugar out of her diet for 10 days.

Yes, she's 13. 
No, she's not overweight or whatever else would run through one's mind.
This was a challenge from her history book.

Here's the background...When Daniel was captured and later "taken in" by Nebuchadnezzar, he was offered the finest of foods but, he had a hunch the meats were probably sacrificed to false gods and such, so he refused to eat them and instead ate only fruits and vegetables.  So the challenge was to try giving up sugar (something that's super serious if you're a kid - kind of like steak is to men.  See where I'm going here?) for ten days.  I have to give it to her, homegirl's stuck with it.  I would've said, "Yep, tried this for an hour or three.  Now I'm done."

My willpower is weak like that.

So, my poor little doughnut pan sits patiently in the cabinet, awaiting the day when I'll take it out and actually cook a doughnut or six (or twenty-four).  And maybe I'll try not to eat a pan full while the others cook. wink.

Monday, February 24, 2014

to catch you up to speed

Hi there!  Long time, no see...guilty as charged!  It's been four score and seven years ago since I even logged into my blog.  Handsome Husband's given me nudges, "you need to go back to it, you need to write something."  I just haven't had the time, the words, the energy.  Home school takes a great majority of my time these days and after we're done with a day's work, I'll be honest, I just want to crash before I go about my usual duties of cleaning house, making dinner, blah, blah, blah.  Just want to relax, find some "me" time in all the hub-bub of our busy day.

Lots of things have happened since I last logged in here!  Let's see...

Miss K turned into a teenager overnight.  Just kidding, she did hit the big 1-3 though.

Hmmm, what else??

I would tell you I've been enjoying all of the snow and blustery weather we've had here in Illinois BUT, I'd be lying.  I'm completely convinced that my body is incapable of producing body heat and therefore, made to live in a warmer climate.  hint, hint.  These days, I'm just happy to see the sun shine and luckily, our living room is a great place for soaking up the rays.

Seems like some of the most important men in my life are enjoying warmer weather at the moment.  One is in Panama where its currently in the 90's.  Another is in New Mexico, headed west to Cali.  Can I just say, can I?...You men make me sick!  No offense, of course.

How are things on the spiritual home front?, you ask.  I'm patient, I'm faithful, that The Good Lord has a plan for us.  (There's growth!  I have not always never been patient!  Not always faithful and trusting either.)  As always, I don't know what the plan is but, I know it's perfect and will come in His time.  

What I will tell you, is that I'm prepared to move on.  Again, no offense.  But, this place is just not for us.  While, I'm not homesick anymore, I still long to sip sweet tea in the hilly - preferably mountainous, but I'm not choosy -  south from a tall cool glass, I long to hear the word y'all and yes ma'am, I long to be a little closer to family.

It's easier to come "home" these days.  I don't cry when we leave Virginia anymore.  At least I didn't when we left after Christmas.  That was a first!  Not even after a crazy journey back where our trailer blew a tire mere hours into said journey, having to replace all the tires on the trailer (a major unexpected expensive - right after Christmas I might add - I never knew trailer tires were so expensive!!)  And, it set us back 2 hours.  All the while, we had to hang out in Wal-Mart for the aforementioned two hours and eat McDonald's for lunch while dealing with a sick child.  Nope, not a tear.  You should be proud.

Life calls, I'll try to return soon.  No promises.