Monday, January 28, 2013

once upon a quilt

I've been home since last Thursday with a sick girl.  One minute she's cold and bundled up and the next she's stripping clothes off and throwing a tank top and shorts on.  The madness hasn't ended yet, we're home again today.  If I ever get out of this house, I plan on getting some sheets to make one or two (or ten) of these...

While Blogger's link function isn't currently working for me,
you can find it here at,
just search for "Bye Baby Bunting Quilt".

We know an astounding number of people having and who've just had babies.  And we want to do something special for them.  So this is one on my list.  Once upon a time, I tried making a quilt, but cutting out the fabric's as far as I got.  Sad, but true!  Those kinds of quilts just seems so tedious and the instructions, well that's a whole 'nother story in itself.  Every step of quilting just bogs down my mind and leaves me frazzled.  So, this is gonna be my attempt at "quilting".  I like to think of it as a cheater version but, nonetheless, it will be a quilt of some sort.  Wish me luck!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

right where we need to be

I've had a lot of revelations in the last year or so.  I look back and see how God has prepared us in so many ways for the life we are now living and for little things along the way.  Just this week, again, I was reminded of God's perfect placement and timing.

Over the weekend, one of Miss K's friends wanted to come over and hang out but, we had an extremely busy weekend planned.  Instead, I told her Monday would be perfect because it was a holiday and we had nothing on the books.  So, we picked her up Monday and stayed busy all day having fun - shopping, Wii, crafting.  At lunchtime, she told us her grandma was having surgery that day and the hospital wasn't allowing any visitors under 18 due to the flu being so rampant.  She explained further that it was surgery for breast cancer and Miss K perks up and says, "My grandma had breast cancer too."  Friend's mother texted me later to thank me for keeping her girl busy and her mind off things.  And it occurred to me that God put us all where he wanted us to be on that day.  We helped her, she helped us.

I haven't talked to my brother since we were home for the holidays.  He started a new job with crazy hours and no one's really heard from him.  So, I texted to ask him something and inquired about his new job.  He explained it wasn't his ideal job - long commute, in the city - but he was making good money.  We talked about how money isn't everything and I told him God has a way of putting us where He needs us, even when it's not always where we'd like to be and it isn't always comfortable but, God stretches us and it all works out in the end.  I know he's aware of these things but it's always good to hear them again, to know that other people have been there, that they're rooting for you.

Miss K and I had a talk not long ago about one of her friends and how this friend's life would be changing in the future, much like ours did.  I told Miss K that this was her chance to be supportive, encouraging and mindful of the changes that'll take place.  In my eyes, she has a bag full of experience in life changing events for someone of her age and it's her chance to be a mentor of sorts.  Again, God's been preparing her to help others and placing her right where she needs to be.

God's timing is always perfect and He's constantly stretching us and forming us for His glory and to serve others.