Monday, June 25, 2012

a monday in IL

This morning, we walked Miss K to our friends, the W's
so she could walk to Pray, Play and Obey with their oldest.
They offered us to stay awhile...we couldn't pass that up.

There was sword fighting, lots of imagination play,
 and I swung with them as I answered tons of questions...
"What's your whole name?  Can you spell it?  What's a maiden name?
Are you married?  Then, where are your rings?
When are you moving here?  Do you have to go home?"

They told me I was more like an aunt to them.
And really, they felt more like nieces and nephews to me.

I climbed up trees and hid in the bushes and on hot rocks with them
as we played hide and seek together.
Soon, it was time to head home for lunch.
It was now just us two.  So we decided on some slip'n'slide fun.

The pace, the people, it all seems slower here.  More relaxed.
I'm excited to live in the Midwest. 
Every time we come, I don't want to leave.
It already feels like home.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

father's day

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

an afternoon nap plug

Perhaps you don't her yet, but Mary Coleman is an extremely gifted speaker and mentor.  My advice to you, know her.  Mary and her husband have seven children and so, she knows a thing or two about being a wife and mother. More than that she knows the Lord and understands the true meaning of being a "child of God."

A while back, I was struggling in every area of my life, I thought I needed to find myself but, that was entirely untrue. For what felt like an eternity, I'd made wrong choices and so, it was never about finding myself - the key was to recreate myself. The Lord changed my heart completely and led me to a new life.  Then, he (and an outstanding friend) led me to Mary's study, "Foundations of a Christian Home".  While Mary may or may not know it, that study fueled my fire for the Lord, pushed and challenged me to new levels and I would never be the same.  I will be forever grateful to her for her words of wisdom.

"Conquering The Guilt of Motherhood" is another of her infamous studies and I was privileged to attend her class in April.  This was an amazing time spent with other women having guilt in all different areas of life.  We anonymously discussed these issues of guilt and whether they were struggles of actual sin or perfectionism (i.e. Everyone should have a spotless house, no matter how many or how old your children are - Is this realistic?  So, is it a sin or perfectionism?, etc.)

I opened my email this morning and from the screen leapt the name, Mary Coleman.  While the subject, "In the Trenches with Toddlers!", didn't directly apply to me, I quickly clicked on it to read what Mary'd written.  Low and behold, another topic that touches every mother - the battle of the mind.  Mary was addressing the struggle that mothers go through daily: feeling insecure, underpaid and so on.  Again, Mary had wise words to soothe the mind and calm the soul.

I can't say enough about Mary.  Really, I can't.  My suggestion for you, take one of Mary's "Mom School" classes!  Why?

1.  Because you deserve it!  Mom's have a hard job!  So, enjoy a night out!
2.  Fellowship with other ladies and bring a friend!
3.  Mary's an awesome cook and she serves great food!
4.  Spend time in God's word!  You'll leave holding your head higher and with a bounce in your step.  You'll come away seeing life and the love of our Lord in a whole new light.

the class of 2019 - fifth grade graduation

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Miss V, you take the cake

If you've ever been to our church and thought birds
were going to land on the shoulders of one Miss Snow White.
Then, it's obvious that you're hearing Miss V sing.

Not only can she sing like way better than a Disney princess,
she directs our childrens' choir
and I can't say enough about her.
She is heaven sent.

For months now, she's had our sweet babes working
on a program to celebrate parents and grandparents.
And while obstacles were thrown her way
which forced her to reschedule the program a couple times,
it was well worth the wait.

Miss V gently persuaded this girl into a speaking part long, long ago and now,
she has the confidence to speak, sing and act!

The man was excited to finally be "of age" to participate in the choir this year!

Afterwards, Miss L lavished these monkeys with lovin'.

Of course, some very special people joined us for the program.
(And no, this man was not excited to be taking pictures.
Instead, he wanted to run outside and play tag.)

Oh, nobody can resist M.G.
She is as sweet as the day is long.

And nobody is as crazy about Mr. N than this girl.
I think the feeling's mutual.

Back to the subject at hand.
I could go on and on about how fantastic Miss V is but,
I'll be honest, we'd be here for days.
Yes, it's true.  She is that fantastic!
To make it short and sweet...

Miss V,
we. adore. you.

And we are blessed by your presence in our lives.
Thank you.

(I'd say you're worth your weight in gold,
but truly, you're no bigger than a twig
~ that's a compliment ~
and so, that's just not fair.)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

season finale

First, team captains did their usual meet-n-greet.
Then, it was on.

Like donkey kong.

We were on them like stink on...poo,

like white on rice.

Like a bird on a berry.

Like a chicken on a cricket.

Wow, I had way too much fun with that.
If you sing those last two,
it's a pretty catchy little tune.

Then, I made my way over to the bench.
I never realized how much magic happens there.

These girl love what they do.

And they love being together.

Nothin' but good times.

And tell me, who couldn't love faces like these?  Really?

And then, they presented her with a going away gift -
a soccerball signed by the entire team.

They loved on her.

  And shewed away the tears.

Then, they went back to being their usual silly selves.
Just the way we like 'em.

Could they never grow up?
Stay this way forever?