Tuesday, November 20, 2012

in a new place

It's been two whole weeks since I last posted.  A lot has gone on.  With one of my best friends here in IL, and with the Mister out of state, we set out to clean a farmhouse we would be renting.  We have since moved into said farmhouse and are loving the country life here.  Oddly, I miss the loud train horn but, there is the howl of coyotes in the corn fields at night and the red flashing lights of the wind turbines off in the distance.  While we can faintly hear the train horn, at night, you can see the train moving along the tracks a mile or so from us which is somehow mesmerizing.  The stars are brighter than ever.  (OK, not brighter than they were in Arizona though.  Hint, hint Mr. Jim!)

We have a sprawling old four bedroom house with a big kitchen and a huge yard complete with two tire swings, a tree swing, sandbox and an enormous garden.  Nana will be arriving for a visit soon and we can't wait to get her out to the middle of nowhere.  While, we are still acclimating ourselves to life here in the Midwest and there's no place like home (in Virginia), there's plenty of God's country here too.  For us, I do believe it's found in the middle of these cornfields.

I admit, after living in town for three months, I was accustomed to the constant sounds...barking dogs, tractor trailers on the main road a street over from us, etc.  The first day I came out to this house, I was alone and stood in the yard and it was complete dead silence!  It strangely felt a little eery, but I have since grown accustomed to it.  It's a great place to be, large, airy, open!

I'll try to meet you back here soon.  I've been busy playing house - making curtains, wreaths; organizing; planning our Christmas vacation, etc., etc.  Bye now.