Monday, January 28, 2013

once upon a quilt

I've been home since last Thursday with a sick girl.  One minute she's cold and bundled up and the next she's stripping clothes off and throwing a tank top and shorts on.  The madness hasn't ended yet, we're home again today.  If I ever get out of this house, I plan on getting some sheets to make one or two (or ten) of these...

While Blogger's link function isn't currently working for me,
you can find it here at,
just search for "Bye Baby Bunting Quilt".

We know an astounding number of people having and who've just had babies.  And we want to do something special for them.  So this is one on my list.  Once upon a time, I tried making a quilt, but cutting out the fabric's as far as I got.  Sad, but true!  Those kinds of quilts just seems so tedious and the instructions, well that's a whole 'nother story in itself.  Every step of quilting just bogs down my mind and leaves me frazzled.  So, this is gonna be my attempt at "quilting".  I like to think of it as a cheater version but, nonetheless, it will be a quilt of some sort.  Wish me luck!