Monday, February 22, 2016

playing catchup

With wisdom comes much sorrow, I heard Chuck Swindoll say this morning.  Boy, he's got that right but, then again, he quoted it from the bible - Ecclesiastes 1:18.

With sorrow I never find myself on here anymore. (Ok, not really.)  I've learned that with 3 kids, a household to button down and lots of opportunities in ministry plus, plus, plus my time is valuable.  I enjoy coming back here from time to time, say once every 6 months or more.  I catch up, see what my favorite bloggers are doing and how much their kids have grown.  It's kinda silly when you think about it but, I've learned lots from their pages so there's an odd connection.  Call me weird.

My kids are growing like weeds.  One in high school, one in elementary, and one still here at home.  They take up a grand amount of time.  Scooting them off to youth group activities, sports, school functions.  I still find time for myself.  Bible study, two or three times a week.  Crazy, I know but, wasn't Jesus' love for us scandalous?  Absolutely!  So I'll take scandalous love of bible study and Jesus any day.  Breakfast with friends, that's turning itself into an entrepreneurial thing.  I laugh with disbelief every time we're together.  Oh!  And I'm getting ready for a trip to TN.  All in the name of furthering my Southern Heritage and bonding.  

You know road trips are aren't my thing.  I like structured activities, knowing what I'm going to be doing.  We do have somewhat of a plan.  I also prefer flat road driving vs. mountainous.  But, Thelma's going.  It's sure to be a blast!  Eight hours in the car together.  Eight hours is all she can handle in a day's time, so we're pushing it.  Still.  Time with Thelma is always well spent.  Stay tuned, I'll put up some crazy pictures of our escapade in the coming months.