Tuesday, December 11, 2012

the view from here

While I still can't bring myself to call this state home (it's a technicality, we just haven't been here long enough) it is beautiful in it's own way.  Beautiful in a way that I was never familiar with until we came here.  Some people say there's nothing to look at, no scenery, but I beg to differ.  The cornfields are endless and peaceful.  Nothin's heard except the wind and the occasional howling coyote.  Nothin's moving except the wind turbines and the branches of the trees.  Little birds peck the gravel and the sidewalks finding grit for their craw.  That's it.  It's quiet, peaceful, relaxing. 
I love the sun that flows into this house daily.  Light somehow fuels influences my joy.  (Did you know, chickens require light for egg production?  Weird, but true.)  It really makes my day when the sun shines.  There are 5 windows in the kitchen and five in the living room of this house.  (We only had 3 in our kitchen back home, two in the living room.  So, that's a big difference - to me.)  I love that when I look out one of the kitchen windows there's this...
a swing, hanging from a grand climbing tree with a view of all the storage buildings for the farm in the background.  (Looks like piles of junk back there and one of them is, the rest are dirt piles, a wagon, a small animal shelter of some kind.  You get the point, farm stuff.)
Move around to the mudroom/laundry room and there's this - a tire swing beside the sandbox under another great tree. Behind that are grape vines and over to the right is a big, big garden.  This place, it'll be perfect when summer rolls around.  We'll soon be gearing it up for visitors, so get your bags ready.  wink.

Then, there's my favorite, the wind turbines.  Maybe it's strange, but we didn't have these back home and I still love to gaze at them as they turn in the wind.  At night, it resembles a landing strip because of the flashing red lights.  And in the morning, you see the lights as the sun comes up behind them.  Cool.  Very cool.
So, while life in town is pretty neat, I still love this country livin'.