Thursday, December 8, 2011


Can I tell you how excited I am?

Last week, we had "Employee Discount Days".
So, I laid out the four magazines and said take a look.

Miss K was dying to have one of these,
and since Christmas is coming and then
shortly thereafter, her birthday, 
I ordered it.

Photo courtesy of HearthSong
What is it, you ask?

Why it's the 65" Incred-A-Ball!
Yep, almost 5.5 feet of inflatable fun.

And YES!  You can get inside of it!

You want one now too, huh?
I know!
I am sooooooo excited!
I can't wait!
The weight limit is 200 lbs. and you betcha,
I'll be in it!

Now, now.  Don't pity the man.
He's getting this.

Photo courtesy of HearthSong
They have one at the Myers' farm.
(Which, to these kids, is comparable to Disney World.)
And it's the main attraction amongst the younger boys.

We'll need to expand our sand box,
but hey, we're talking serious boy fun here.

~ OK, sorry. 
Just had to get that out. 
Couldn't contain myself. ~