Friday, December 30, 2011

just a few things...

There will be bad hair days.
You just have to roll with it and say to yourself,
I will not let this ruin my day.

That my children do look a little like me.
Even if it is just their eyes and toes.

God is always there.
Just look up.
He wants to hear even your smallest thoughts,
simple praises.
Like, thanks for the beautiful weather today.
Or for our friends being able to join us for breakfast.


A little hard work is good for the hands,
and the soul.

Always give it your best.
No matter what you do.
It reflects who you are.

Nothing matches the unconditional love of a pet.
Especially one that lays her head on your shoulder and cries when you leave her.

Naps are good.
No matter how old you are.
Just don't abuse the privilege.