Monday, December 12, 2011

the view from here

Sitting around,
playing with the settings on my camera,
I got this.
A view of our Christmas tree.
Strange but, the teensy lines were mesmerizing in all of their busyness.

One Miss Crazy Coonhound went on a little moonlit adventure.
So, I suited up and headed out into the cold night air.
I found Miss Lady before walking deep into the woods.
I was just along the edge when she came galloping towards me.
We made our way home and she climbed into my lap on the couch.
I couldn't deny her sweet puppy dog eyes 
and we settled in to wait for her daddy to get home.

He was none too thrilled to see this but,
she is his beloved Walker
and for this reason,
she gets away with things sometimes.

Hope you're having a relaxing Monday evening too.