Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Father's Day ideas and printables

We'll soon be leaving for our "summer tour".  So, we needed to prepare our Father's Day gifts a couple weeks ahead of time.  I hope you fathers aren't looking!!!!
We found some great ideas on Pinterest and came up with a few of our own.  We didn't use some of the printables, but they are available and listed below.
We put Handsome Husband's pack together for under $20... 
1.  Orbit gum - $2 {for a 3-pk., Wal-Mart}
2.  Pistachios (printable from LizzeJane Baby) - $6 {Aldi}
3.  Favorite candies (printable from artsy-fartsy mama) - $4.50 {Aldi, Wal-Mart}
4. Cream Soda -  $3.50 {Wal-Mart}
5. Reese's Pieces (printables available from Nothing but Country and also Kids, Clutter, & Chaos) - $1 {Wal-Mart}  

 And under $10 for the infamous Pop Pop... 
1. Bucket of microwaveable popcorn - $1 {Wal-Mart} filled with goodies, of course...
2. Peanuts  (printable from LizzieJane Baby) - $ 1.50 {Wal-Mart}
3. Root Beer (with printables from iheartnaptime and Delightfully Noted) - $3.50 {Wal-Mart}
4. Cowtails (Not pictured) - You're the moooost best Pop Pop!
(I don't know why my photo with the numbers won't load up.  Grrrrr.)
There are still a few things left to get and some that are unmentioned.  I can't divulge all the secrets for the sake of sneaky eyes that might lurk here.  Happy father's day shopping!