Thursday, June 6, 2013

three on thursday.

1. I'm finding myself a little sentimental today.  Not wanting to go.  Not wanting to leave.  Handsome Husband.  The dogs.  The garden.  Who will care for them?  Who will feed them and water them?  Clean up after and love them?  I know Handsome Husband can fend for himself.  I always worry about the dogs.  I typed up a long agenda stating how to care for them, about their personalities, how their vaccinations and rabies are up-to-date.  I even ordered new dog tags because all the others have our old address.  This'll be the first time we've left them since we brought them back at Christmas and while our "caretakers" have dogs, nothing cures my worry.  And the garden, isn't it silly?  I worry that the plants will need water, that I won't be there to see the first blooms, their first fruits, that the tomatoes will go nuts before I get back.  Oh it's silly, I know.
2. I want to finish sewing projects, can the remaining rhubarb and strawberries into jam, make sure the house is spotless.  I am so ADHD, ADD, obsessive compulsive.  I don't know what I am, I just know I'm one of them.

3. Most of our things are packed.  Although, I'm fighting off the urge to call our vacation rental agency and ask our agent, Demetra with her lovely Carolina accent and raspy voice, ten thousand questions.  And then pack ten thousand and one more things.  I'm an avid over-packer and there are things I want to bring from home (Virginia home) when we return here to the cornfields of Illinois.  Cookbooks, muck boots.  Oh how I love, love, love muck boots.  We have a list and I'm sure we'll find more and more to pack into every little nook and cranny.  In any case, I'm just looking forward to familiar ol' faces and sinking my toes in the sand.