Friday, December 24, 2010

It's been a while since I last blogged.
I've been caught up in shopping, baking and cleaning.
I've barely even turned the computer on!
It's been a good "vacation" from it though,
if you can call all of this chaos a vacation.

In between my cake baking marathon,
I stopped for a second yesterday to take a picture of...

yes, my cat. 

Ha, and you were getting excited, huh?

He was just so cute, soaking up the warmth of the wood stove from the kitchen floor. 
Me, clammering around with measuring cups and the mixer, never woke him.

Until I decided to take his picture.

Then, he was up and on the move.
Wondering what goodies I was making.
~ Praying it was something with tuna. ~

With the smell of my mom's famous five-flavored pound cake,
my addition of blackberry wine cake,
and cinnamon, cloves and oranges simmering away in the crockpot,
it definitely smells like Christmas here.

I've spent today cleaning and baking my last cake.

I can't wait for tomorrow! 
I try to be the last to open my presents,
so that I can watch everyone's faces as they open their presents,
it's magical!

The man has decided in the morning,
he wants to sing Happy Birthday before we open presents because
Jesus' birthday is the reason why we have presents at Christmas.

This touched me, I love that tiny boy!

~ Merry Christmas! ~