Thursday, January 5, 2012

soccer nut

This is it!
We're gearing up to party tomorrow night.
Whilst I sit here typing away, there are things to do.
So I'll be brief.

The theme is soccer and I say it every year,
always going back on my word...
"I am not going to make the cake this year."
Inevitably, I did.

Cake and I do not get along.
But I absolutely refuse to pay $25+ for a cake.
Mine are passable and oddly enough,
the kids always act like I'm some sort of cake baking prodigy.
I am not - I repeat, I AM NOT a cake decorator,
nor do I long to be or acquire any more skill
than I already have in this field.
Although, I was a little more prepared this year,
picked up some tips off of America's Test Kitchen.
So all in all, it wasn't as difficult and we had only minor issues.
Which were easily fixable.
So no complaints.

My idea came from here.
Yes, hers is GORGEOUS!
But, No.
I don't do fondant.
And while mine is mediocre,
mind you,
it works for us.