Thursday, January 12, 2012


I've spent the last couple of months frantically working to coordinate holidays and events.
Finally, with it all over, our cabinets stocked with groceries, our house sparkling clean,
husband and kids whisked off to work and school,
you betcha...I took a mental health day.

Yep, I lounged all day in my most comfy clothes, watching movies on Netflix.
It started out with a steamy hot cup of coffee and an iced shortbread cookie.
Followed up by more lazy food - 
popcorn - because it's not right to watch movies without it,
ramen noodles - because you just add water and they cook in 2 minutes,
and mint truffles - just cuz.

Call it my "soap opera and bon bon day".
~ No, I don't watch soap operas or talk shows for that matter
and I don't recall ever eating a bon bon.  Though I do fancy Lindt truffles! ~

These days of nothingness are few and far between now that I'm working,
but with everyone out of the office,
I only had to work Monday (and tomorrow).
So, I was most pleased with this day of relaxation.
Hope your day was lovely too.
If  not, look at it this way, when the sun sets,
it will rise on a brand new day full of promise.
Promise and  the excitement that Fridays always bring!