Tuesday, January 24, 2012

sweet, sweet rocks

Lately, I've been finding rocks a LOT.

There's a rumbling in the dryer,
it's rocks.

"Mom, I brought you something!",
it's a rock.

Not too long ago,
I was thinking 'this rock thing is a little obnoxious,
they're everywhere!'
But last night,
after everyone was gone,
the house was quiet,
and it was just C and I,
I walked past the desk and saw this.

And at that very moment, it melted my heart and I realized these aren't just any old rocks, they're gifts of love.  Rocks have never been the same since.  Made me a little sad for all the ones I'd thrown out.  I'm sorry little rocks, really, I am.

Dear blog space:
Apologies again for my lack of attendance.
I've been a little busy and feeling like I'm in a good groove.
Small adjustments still needed, but my heart felt heavy-laden
and I have some other things I need to get on track too. 
I'm working hard on these and will be back soon.