Thursday, May 24, 2012


I'm off.
The first Thursday in two weeks.

My house looks like a tornado hit it.

But in the stillness of this one quiet morning,
I am going through mail
and making breakfast,
and I find this...

and it reads...

It is sweet.
Like sugar.

Bittersweet though.
Because in the same bit,
I want to cry.

I love this child.
{like my own}

Miss K has grown up
with her since preschool.
When they were 3,
they spent their first (real) sleepover
together at a friend's house.
Ahhh, the memories.

I told her,
when we leave,
she can come stay with us
for a week or two.
And I meant it.

I don't want this to be the end.

it only feels like the beginning.

So, please, please,
don't say "last".
Or goodbye.
We'll be back.

And we'll mail you something
on your next birthday.

Or perhaps,
we'll surprise you by coming home
and taking you to Bounce 'n' Play
(even though you'll think that's goofy because
you'll be "way too old for that kinda stuff.")
Then, we'll eat lunch "on the terrace" at Red Robin.

Or hit McDonald's for breakfast.
(After we've already had breakfast
because you have that same insane metabolism
that makes me instantly claim you as my daughter.)
Then go to the library and end with thrift store hopping.

Just to reminisce.