Monday, June 25, 2012

a monday in IL

This morning, we walked Miss K to our friends, the W's
so she could walk to Pray, Play and Obey with their oldest.
They offered us to stay awhile...we couldn't pass that up.

There was sword fighting, lots of imagination play,
 and I swung with them as I answered tons of questions...
"What's your whole name?  Can you spell it?  What's a maiden name?
Are you married?  Then, where are your rings?
When are you moving here?  Do you have to go home?"

They told me I was more like an aunt to them.
And really, they felt more like nieces and nephews to me.

I climbed up trees and hid in the bushes and on hot rocks with them
as we played hide and seek together.
Soon, it was time to head home for lunch.
It was now just us two.  So we decided on some slip'n'slide fun.

The pace, the people, it all seems slower here.  More relaxed.
I'm excited to live in the Midwest. 
Every time we come, I don't want to leave.
It already feels like home.