Sunday, June 3, 2012

Miss V, you take the cake

If you've ever been to our church and thought birds
were going to land on the shoulders of one Miss Snow White.
Then, it's obvious that you're hearing Miss V sing.

Not only can she sing like way better than a Disney princess,
she directs our childrens' choir
and I can't say enough about her.
She is heaven sent.

For months now, she's had our sweet babes working
on a program to celebrate parents and grandparents.
And while obstacles were thrown her way
which forced her to reschedule the program a couple times,
it was well worth the wait.

Miss V gently persuaded this girl into a speaking part long, long ago and now,
she has the confidence to speak, sing and act!

The man was excited to finally be "of age" to participate in the choir this year!

Afterwards, Miss L lavished these monkeys with lovin'.

Of course, some very special people joined us for the program.
(And no, this man was not excited to be taking pictures.
Instead, he wanted to run outside and play tag.)

Oh, nobody can resist M.G.
She is as sweet as the day is long.

And nobody is as crazy about Mr. N than this girl.
I think the feeling's mutual.

Back to the subject at hand.
I could go on and on about how fantastic Miss V is but,
I'll be honest, we'd be here for days.
Yes, it's true.  She is that fantastic!
To make it short and sweet...

Miss V,
we. adore. you.

And we are blessed by your presence in our lives.
Thank you.

(I'd say you're worth your weight in gold,
but truly, you're no bigger than a twig
~ that's a compliment ~
and so, that's just not fair.)