Saturday, June 2, 2012

season finale

First, team captains did their usual meet-n-greet.
Then, it was on.

Like donkey kong.

We were on them like stink on...poo,

like white on rice.

Like a bird on a berry.

Like a chicken on a cricket.

Wow, I had way too much fun with that.
If you sing those last two,
it's a pretty catchy little tune.

Then, I made my way over to the bench.
I never realized how much magic happens there.

These girl love what they do.

And they love being together.

Nothin' but good times.

And tell me, who couldn't love faces like these?  Really?

And then, they presented her with a going away gift -
a soccerball signed by the entire team.

They loved on her.

  And shewed away the tears.

Then, they went back to being their usual silly selves.
Just the way we like 'em.

Could they never grow up?
Stay this way forever?