Wednesday, February 20, 2013

baby quilt, softie, and a scarf

This week I've almost tackled one (cheater!) baby "quilt" ...
I cut out the triangles and adhered Heat'n'Bond Lite to the wrong side using the tutorial from Made by Marzipan for the "Bye Baby Bunting Quilt".   I know, I promised to make my grandma's first, but wasn't sure I liked the backing I'd gotten.  So, I decided to give it time to grow on me or return it - whichever came first.
 I carefully arranged the triangles and pressed to adhere them to the fabric.
Pinned the top fabric, batting, and bottom together and using a zig zig stitch, sewed all three layers at once.
All that's left to do is sew on the binding (once I get some more fabric to make the bias tape - ugghhmmm!)
I conquered a softie doll, tutorial courtesy of 70 piggies.  It'd been a while and I was quickly reminded why I don't like these so well.  They're cute, I agree but, they're tedious.  Don't get me wrong, Nicole from 70 Piggies has a great tutorial!  It's just me.  I have issues like that.

And last but not least, "Ruby" is modeling a cowl neck scarf created from an old sweater - I am in love with both Ruby and the scarf!