Thursday, February 21, 2013

headband craze

Along with our obsession with scarves, the female population in mi casa are currently diggin' on bows and hair accessories.  Last weekend, we tried out a headband with interchangeable pieces.  It was a flop and I was bound and determined to figure out a better solution.   And while I'm not completely convinced this is it yet, it's working for now.
I started out updating a bow that we made with some tulle.  Then, I hot glued a tiny piece of Velcro on the back.  I double-checked in the mirror where I wanted the bow to go on the headband.  Once happy with the placement, I hot glued another small piece of Velcro onto the headband.  No, I didn't have any black velcro, but it didn't matter anyway, it's covered and unnoticable. wink.

Using a button, some scraps from the baby quilt and dark brown corduroy, I made this piece.  Think I should've glued the ribbon instead of sewing to give it a more polished look but it's OK I guess.  I'm fighting the urge to rip it off and cut a new ribbon to glue on but, I'm determined to rein in my perfectionism and not touch it!  I have issues y'all.  I do.

There's more action in the sewing room.  Those projects just stand uncompleted.