Friday, February 8, 2013

glorious, glorious fabric!

I've been planning a quilt project for a couple weeks now.  Well, today was the glorious day that I picked out fabric.  I spent an insane amount of time staring at bolts and bolts of fabric.  I declare, I think this is an obsession, my love of fabric.  I will buy it without a project in mind and hold on to it for months before I actually find something I want to use it for.  Is that a problem?  I also like the remnant bin, I'm a sucker for small rolls of discounted fabric.  It's clear, I have issues.  Don't judge.

I was still hooked on the yellow and gray theme and so I selected these for a quilt for my grandma.  There's less gray than I was looking for, but in the end, I was pleased with this selection.  And since I'm trying to do this "by the book" - I have a hard time with that you know - they are now happily getting acquainted with the washer and dryer.  I confess, I never prewash my fabric.  I know, it's a sin.

These will be baby quilts.  That's my hope at least.  I cheated and bought stacks for these.  They are enjoying time mingling in the craft room until I complete the quilt for my grandma.  Pending its success, they'll also meet with the washer and dryer and move on to life as a beloved quilt.  Pending its success, I say.