Thursday, April 18, 2013

a bday clutch

i mailed packages today.  three.  one for my mama.  one for a cousin.  one for the bday girl.  sadly bday girl's package won't arrive for another four days.  four.  two days past bday.  that's ok.  i have another one to send her.  she's always been pleased with my handmade gifts.  so i knew when i found this tutorial on Pinterest it was the one. 

i'm not one for sewing the same things over and over again but this, this i would make a couple more times or so.  (maybe look for one coming your way soon miss p.  wink.)  i love the offset bow and the clutch's simplicity.  i bailed on the wristlet strap, i'm just not a fan of wristlets that's all.  i used a dark green-ish exterior fabric and went with a small floral pattern for the lining.  i matched the zipper to the interior and it was a grand selection.  these photos just don't do it justice.

it was the first time i'd sewn a zipper and while i need practice on placement, i was pretty pleased with the overall finished product.