Thursday, April 25, 2013

spare not the pain

Spare not the pain
                    though the way I take
be lonely and dark,
                             though the whole soul ache,
for the flesh must die
                             though the heart may break.
Spare not the pain, oh,
            spare not the pain.
   ~ Ruth Bell Graham ~

I've been reading a bit lately.   I read in spurts.  First it was this -> Lost & Found: One Daughter's Story of Amazing Grace by Kathryn Slattery. I t was the back cover that got me..."In God’s economy, nothing in life goes to waste.   Everything in life has value—even the pain—and something beautiful and good can come from life’s most difficult circumstances and mistakes.   This is the miracle of God’s redemptive grace.”   Read it, it's good.

Then, I moved onto Footprints of a Pilgrim by Ruth Bell Graham and found the above poem.   I'm still in the middle of this book and there's so much I've found that I needed to still my restless soul.  Like this...

not my will
but Thine
be done."
The doubts dissolving
one by one...

For I realize
as I pray,
that's why it happened
...and this way.

~ Ruth Bell Graham ~