Friday, August 16, 2013

just a few things on friday...

The weather couldn't be any better.  For the last week, we've had our windows open and it's been in the 70's.  Maybe for once, just once, this feels like God's country.  

I sit quietly at this desk inside of our breezy, warm kitchen.  Everything is peaceful and pleasant but, just an hour ago, the kitchen was booming with 8 small mouths to feed, chatter and laughter flowing in every direction around a nine foot table.

Last night, we hosted half the W brood while the Mr. & Mrs. went on a little getaway and it's quite a time when they're here.  Legos, ships, cars, cards, and girl talk can be found all over the house.  We enjoy these times when kick-the-can lasts forever, freeze pops flow abundantly from the fridge as the night closes in and dirty little toes scurry towards the bathtub at dusk.

Miss K and the man headed over to the neighbors after the lunch flurry was over and everyone'd gone home.  The neighbors cat had kittens and it's the talk of the neighborhood.  Luckily, the neighborhood kids play well together and they've spent plenty of time holding these tiny mewing babes as they first begin to open their eyes.

There's a trickle of homeschool materials slowly arriving and we're so excited to open packages, scour through and place them lovingly on a shelf until time to actually use them!  This new adventure is finally becoming more and more of a reality.  Fear has up and left (least for now) and thrill sinks into our hearts and minds.  I have a couple more books to order but, other than that, we're ready.  Miss K is also signed up to take Spanish at a local Christian school, allowing her to participate in sports there.

Anyone looking for Miss K, please note her electronic privileges have been taken but she'll be back on soon.  Oh, and P, I totally forgot to send you vacations photos!  Loading them now!  I didn't pull out my camera til the end of the week, so there aren't many photos but, here're a couple of my favorites...

Have a great weekend!