Monday, August 12, 2013

ya thunk i'd up & left, did ya?

Not knowing I needed, and would, I took the summer off from blogging.  A hiatus of sorts.  Time to wade through heavy issues like homeschooling, a month of "vacation", blogger photo issues (which seem to be resolved, praise GOD!) and an unexpected trip back.  We've spent lots of time in the pool, on bikes and with friends.  It's all coming to a close as I make final decisions on homeschooling curricula and the littles spend their last week and a half surrounding themselves with their bestest of besties.  (At least those here in IL.)

With that being said, I'll try to pack in as many photos as possible because you know how I love a photo-filled post.  wink wink.

So, when I mentioned homeschool did you shake your head in disbelief?  I've ridden a roller coaster of emotions for the last 3 months - complete terror, peace, and brain-riddling confusion.  I've always said I wasn't the homeschooling type but, to sacrifice for the greater good, I. AM. HOMESCHOOLING.  There, I said it!  It's been the range of curricula that has sent my head spinning.  So much to choose from, so many different avenues.

Ever watch "Children of the Corn"?  Sorry, I had to.

Don't try that at home!  Ya can't tell dangerous non-helmet wearin' boys nothin'!

After visiting with a friend and seeing her homeschooling "library", hearing her homeschooling stories and encouragement I felt better.  She's seen it all and done it all.  Well, almost!  Friend gave me direction and the kids were able to look through and get a feel for the materials they had to choose from.  Yes, homeschool is about choice.  A blessing and a curse if you ask me...because I'm indecisive.

I learned some things, Miss K is happiest with classical style's the lesson; the work; do it.  She's very independent and creative.  I can't wait to see how this year goes for her.  The man, oh the man.  I worry about this guy.  He's bull-headed and he's going through a whining phase.  Did I mention he's got me wrapped around his finger?  It's true.  He's the one I might lose sleep over.  Such is life.

So, I never finished our Summer Tour series.  I have more pictures (not as many as I wish I had) but I'll get to it.  Slowly but surely.  Just a little caught up in the thick of things right now.  Who ever said "summer is for relaxing" was crazy!  Our summer has been a flurry of kids in and out of the house; up and down the roads we go, burnin' rubber; trying lots of new recipes; soaking up rays by the pool and finding inexpensive summer fun.  It's been good, it's been fun but, I'll be glad when we find our groove and settle in to a new routine.

We were sooooo excited to host some visitors last week.  Some our best friends from home were here. And although their stay was way too short and hindered by an out-of-the-blue migraine, we made the best of it.  Kids romped all over the yard and into the cornfields.  (Yes, a lecture followed on how unsafe that is.  Luckily, bigger kids teamed up and looked out for the littles and everyone came home safely.)  We ate like kings and queens, making a breakfast feast of homemade waffles with caramel syrup and local maple syrup, sausage, breafas luvin' muffins, and tons of fruit.  Poor Thelma could barely eat due to her aching head but, we ended on a high note Wednesday night with Uncle T's famous ribs.  The next day, we followed them south to the third leg of their trip.  That's where we had the opportunity to take the girls and do a little before school shopping at the outlet mall.  Woohoo, yay for a girls day and the perfect way to end our time together!

No, the man did not go shopping!  He seems to be somewhat of a mama's boy and he wanted to ride with the girls, while Thelma drove her car with the rest of the boys.

Fall promises more visitors and we're gearing up for them as well.  Lord I pray, by then, we'll have a routine down and they'll all get to see more of the kids since they won't be "away" at school.  There's also an opportunity to help out with the ladies retreat back home.  Miss Debbie and I laughed about my title of "emeritus" to their creative group since moving.  That's OK, I'm excited to get to work on their project soon.

Alright, it's late and I just wanted to pop in, say I'm still here and I'll see ya around.