Thursday, August 29, 2013

ma' plate's full

There are but mere minutes before the crew of 5 arrive to hang out for a bit whilst their mother accomplishes needed shopping for a large yearly fundraiser.  I've let my two sleep in.  School will start on Tuesday and they've been up early in training for our new schedule.

My plate feels quite full but, I am managing to keep the butterflies and craziness from creeping in.  Taking each day as it comes and checking off tasks here and there.

It's funny how God steps in, taking over and orchestrating things as he sees fit.  For instance, I felt that house cleaning had taken a back seat and I'd fallen behind on my cleaning duties.  Yesterday after breakfast, I received word that the appraiser would be coming at 3:00.  I was already in cleaning mode but, I rallied the troops, gave them the pep talk and we combed the place, having it almost completely finished by 11am.  I didn't worry about what lay undone.  I took Miss K + 3 to Spanish, purchased a used book shelf, caught up with friends and after lunch, we resumed.  It was all done before Mr. Appraiser arrived, with time to spare.

Homeschool stuff is just about ready and it's not the lingering book or two that has yet to arrive that worries me.  No, it's the calendar.  My weekly schedule does not have each block filled in.  I know what we're doing and some of it lays empty because the books have just arrived but, I yearn to see things on paper.  To have a guide, even if it's not set. in. stone.  Plus, there's just the fear of the unknown.  Remember, we're new to this but, I'm high on the homeschooling roller coaster!

Groceries.  Tomorrow is grocery shopping day.  I've finally figured out the menu for the month and the long list of rations we'll need to make it through.  Now, just to do it!  Check that one off.

Tomorrow's the first day of the Fall Festival.  This is a big deal.  Our church's ladies' group puts on a bake sale for the Fall Festival and it's their only fundraiser for the entire year.  Since, it's the end of the month and I have yet to get groceries, well, I have yet to start my baking.

Then, there's the ladies' retreat in mid-September.  We have a lot of, lot of things going on and then, there's my cousin's wedding in October.  So, I wish I could but, ladies, I won't be there for the retreat.  I know Miss D always thinks I'm gonna surprise her and show up, and one of these days I will.  Anyway, I have special gifts to make for the guest speakers but, here, all my fabric lay. 

It makes me anxious.  The date is quickly approaching and this stuff needs get done and shipped by mid-month.  I'll get to it after the weekend.  And as soon as homeschool is under control.  Eek!  The world is closing on me!

There is so much more...benches to polyurethane, a desk that needs to be refinished, a book shelf to sand and paint, drawers to line, etc. etc.  You get the point.  So many things.  Too much to write.  They will all be accomplished.  In good time.  But that doesn't change the fact that they are on my plate.  And the plate's feelin' full y'all.

Now to get to some of my list...