Friday, January 21, 2011

Oh, for the love of pop rocks...(and some sewing too)

This has been a lovely Friday. 

I did some sewing this morning,
trying to finish up our friend J's banner for her new room. 

Choices, choices, choices...
I decided we own way too many buttons. 
The man and I had this little heart full of 'em but,
we narrowed it down to these...

We made our final decision and hit the gas.

Voila!  We're done!
(except say, for some decorative stitching
'cuz it looks like it's missing something, hmm?)

Then, we ate some lunch.

And the highlight of my day...

Oh yes, pop rocks, my friend.

We ate some, laughing all the while at the way they popped in our mouths.
We joked and I told the man he sounded like a "Fry Daddy".
Then, remembering that he is only four,
I had to explain exactly what that was.
My mom owned one of these back in the day and the name always tickled me.
What's the story there?  With the name, I mean.
Who came up with this name exactly?
And what were they thinking when they named it?
giggles.  more giggles.

Next thing we knew,
we were feeding them to Dan, the rat terrier.
Imagine this, because I was laughing too hard
to get the camera and get these images photographed.
We laughed so hard, it was ridiculous!
How old am I, you ask?
I'll never tell.

Nonetheless, it's been a great Friday.
Have a great weekend!