Friday, January 14, 2011

Primping or Prepping?

primp (n.) [primp] (primped, primping, primps)
- to groom yourself, somebody, or something in a fussy way

prep (n.) [prepped, prepping, preps]
- preparation for an activity

 Today was a half day for K.  Threw me off a bit, not so much that I couldn't get back on.  I flitted from room to room straightening up.  It's the day before the big day.  I am used to be somewhat obsessive when it came to events and such.

primp - At one time, I wanted everything completely perfect...clean sheets on all the beds, carpets cleaned, dogs bathed, everything in it's place, every square foot polished and spotless.

I have since moved on from that notion. 

prep - Understanding that children don't notice dirt, they're just too busy (OK, unless the dirt is really bad) and if adults do, they should realize that maybe something happened during the course of the day that prevented everything from getting done.

While stating this, there is a little part of it that still lingers inside, that makes me want to clean like some kind of freakish animal.

Today, I find myself busy, relaxed though.  While in the basement, I stopped and sat down for a minute at the puzzle table, delighted when I put a few pieces in. 

Content that I was assisting our general population, I, then,  grasped the reality that time waits for no one and proceeded with my chores.

I even stopped this morning to watch a dust particle glide by.  These small gifts catch my eye, a bright smile graces my face and I feel as if I'm glowing of joy.

Yesterday, I couldn't have been happier to receive a card from my friend P in MN.  I had been wondering how she was doing.  She wrote...

Dear MK, -
First of all I would like to wish you and your family - including your mom - a very blessed and healthy new year.

I also wanted to thank you again for all your prayers and words of encouragement - they really did help me a lot as I (we) faced the diagnosis and thought and finally the actual surgery.  I am feeling stronger every day.

I also used your words of encouragement to get through this past week when my father passed away after a cancer diagnosis and hospice care.  I know that my dad is with God and is no longer suffering.  So again "thank you" you really helped me through a rough time. 

Love P

I picked up a card yesterday, so I sat down last night to write her.  I reminded her to delight in the small things...a front row parking space, a ray of golden sunshine, the sweet song of a bird outside the window.  These minute God-given gifts are, sometimes, the only thing that get me through days when it feels as if the world is on my case, gleefully bouncing up and down on my shoulders, trying harder and harder to bring me down.  Instead, I give thanks to my God for these tiny miracles.

"...and enjoy the good of all his labour, it is the gift of God."  Ecclesiastes 3:13

Happy Friday all!