Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I have been so busy in the last two weeks.
I will not recap, it'd be way too long - you and I both know it.

I have been sewing away.
I will try to post some pics tomorrow but, I'm not promising.

On that note, I must tell you about this place.
I was overwhelmed with all of the gorgeous fabric there.
For me, it's definitely a place where you already have to have in mind
what you're going for and they re-upholster furniture. 
We saw some of their work, ready to be picked up, nice!

I will tell you that as I was driving over some homemade lasagna, salad, and blackberry wine cake to my grandparents, I saw a beautiful winter sunset and couldn't help but thank God for the gorgeous day (with 64 as the high!  Can you even believe it?!  Wow!)
The sky was blue and purple with fluffy cotton candy pink clouds.
There were well-defined pink trails where jets had flown threw, breaking up the blueish-purple sky and it was absolutely stunning!

Also, another high for the day.
While I was waiting to pick up Caleb, I sat in my car reading.
It's one of those frugal movement things - saves gas if I stay in town.
At the 2.5 hour mark, I couldn't hack it anymore, I had to do something.
I'd already run errands and gotten groceries the day before.
So, I ran over to Target where I scored an entire outfit, completely on clearance!
Cute trousers = $17.50 (not exactly a bargain but, hey!)
Cute Sweater = $5.00
Cute Slip-ons = $4.98

I absolutely hate clothes shopping, with a passion!
So for me, this was outstanding!
You see, nothing ever fits right,
I have obscenely long legs and arms.  
Nothing ever fits in the waist that is long enough for the legs.
SO, if you buy a smaller size, the smaller the appendages are.
I'm in no way bragging but, I wear an XS or S in shirts,
and pants just depend on the brand but, they have to be LONG.
Neither set of limbs can find a good length of fabric.
All in all, it makes for an extremely frustrating shopping trip.
And my mom doesn't understand this at all.

Tomorrow, I will start a new book, as I finished another today.
My mom secretly got this as a gift and had it autographed at the 2010 3-Day.
She surprised me with it at Christmas and I can't wait to get into it.

Then, I have a laser appointment.  Oh joy.
I tell myself  it will be worth it soon!
I can handle 5 minutes or so of zaps.

See you tomorrow. or Friday. or the weekend?
Thanks for stickin' around, I'll try not to be gone for so long this time.