Monday, March 7, 2011

from the weekend and a giveaway at Beth's

I worked on some stuff this weekend, so I need to share.  Because I said I would.

I've almost finished putting the bias tape on this "fold and snap" baby bib.  This was our first meeting, the bias tape and I.  It went OK, I need more practice though and patience.  I started to rush and that didn't help.  All the curves. Whew.  They threw me.  I'll admit it.

Back some time ago, I saw this on Raechel Myers blog, Finding My Feet.  Getting a kick out of it and wondering again if it was within my skill level to duplicate it, I pulled it up the other day and showed K and the man how cute it was.  They decided we had to make it.  Now Raechel is oh-so talented and did hers using a stencil she made and paints.  Clever and not too time-consuming, huh?  Well, to change things up a bit and since I don't like to be such a copycat, I decided to do a felt version and change the wording.  I free-handed some letters using scissors and white felt and used the same mustache on black felt.  Using heat'n'bond, I ironed them onto the shirt and finally, sewed them down permanently.  See?

It wasn't as snappy as hers but, I think it turned out well.  You?  I was so proud!  Thanks to Raechel for her great ideas!

This weekend, C hung a dry erase board up above my sewing table.  So, I listed all of the projects I wanted to do, a list of supplies I need, and just to make it fun - some wants. 

I have a long list of things to work on but, my project today was a Bible cover for the man.  I had purchased one for K and I a while back.  Of course, he wanted one too.  So, I decided instead of buying another, I would try my luck at making one.  So, without further ado...

I'd say it went well.  As usual, there are always things I would do differently but, isn't that the way life is?  Don't worry.  Believe in yourself but, more importantly believe in God, that he will get you through.  Do your best.  Learn as you go.  Leave the rest to God.

"Don't be afraid, just believe." - Mark 5:36

"Be still and know that I am God." - Psalm 46:10

Lastly, before I leave and because I adore Beth's sweater, I am leaving you with this...Beth is a very, very talented photographer!  I love her work and follow her blog faithfully.  (I told her, I'd love to be her apprentice - she's just a little far away.)  Her spirit is kind and her words have uplifted me time and again.  To the point now - Beth's doing a giveaway.  Jenny an artist local to Beth, recycles sweaters and things, turning them into new creations.  The giveaway is for some of Jenny's stuff.  I'd love to win, so check out her etsy shop.