Wednesday, March 30, 2011

score! sweater love

Since I've found myself battling K on Sunday mornings over clothes...but so-and-so wears jeans...and I'm not so-and-so's mother either, so put on something decent for church.  I used my last bit of time before picking the man up from preschool to hit up the thrift shops.  I knew I could win K over with plaid shorts for the summer but, the assortment of dressy apparel was slim.  I scored a couple of really cute things but, I wasn't particularly satisfied with my loot until I came across this...

While K thought it was cute but, wasn't overly excited about it.  I.  ADORE.  THIS.  If they had one in my size, you can be sure that I would be wearing it at this very moment!

And guess what?!  It's all hand sewn!  When I discovered this, my wheels were spinning at a million miles per hour.  I will duplicate this.  I swear to it.  I'm in love with this sweater.