Tuesday, March 1, 2011


First day back at school after being sick for almost two weeks.  how tiring.

Yes, my children sleep with their eyes half open,
it's a little eerie, I know but, I'm used to it.

While checking my blog this afternoon -
because I read it over and over and over,
trying to find mistakes - don't blame me,
it's the undiagnosed OCD, I tell ya -
I came across this over at Roots & Wings Co.

Can I just say that this post was awesome for me!
In the quest to find myself, I quit.
I gave it to God and decided that somehow, some way,
one day, I would find me and be happy with me.
That was a while ago and I am happy with me.
On days when I'm struggling
and just having a bad day,
I can find fault with me but,
I try to give me a break and get on with it. 
Knowing that tomorrow, I will wake up,
praying the sun will be shining and it will be a new day.
And guess what?

It always is.