Sunday, March 27, 2011

ok, really quickly now

Had to take a quick sec to post these pics of the final baby shower gifts.  I made three fold and snap bibs, a softie doll, and a travel changing pad (the outfit - I bought.)  Funny how it perfectly matched the changing pad though.  Totally unplanned.

My favorite was definitely the travel changing pad.  It's so functional and cute and soft and I just want to pinch it's little cheeks.  Oh sorry, getting a little carried away there.

Finished, it was about the size of an 8.5" x 11" phone book.  I was a little rushed with all the commotion with lice and the ripple effect it has recently caused in our life but, I'm happy to report, we are all lice free.  Hope I'm not jumping the gun.  (Although, I feel this strange paranoia that just won't go away.  We're still checking heads, I joke we're like a bunch of little monkeys now - constantly sifting through each others hair.  Humor is necessary in the midst of the storm.)

Unfold once and you find that super soft minke that's oh-so-cute!  The red and white floral is home decor fabric from Wal-Mart, remnant bin - yay!

Unfold again and that black piece of bias tape is where I introduced the vinyl for the changing area.  And guess what?!  I opened the other bias tape maker and that there black bias tape is custom made - yes - by yours truly.  It wasn't so bad and I think it looks quite nice, you agree?  It adds such a polished look.

See, there it is, completely unfolded.  Finally, I attached the little Velcro pieces so that it created a little pocket where you could insert an outfit (see the first photo) and a travel wipes container with a diaper or two.

I worked non-stop on this Friday and finished it in the nick of time Saturday before the shower.  I ended up using the measurements and the rounded flap from a tutorial and the rest was all mine.  One day, when I actually find some spare time, I'll try creating a tutorial of my own.

What's next?

I'm getting ready to start on a set of these oven mitts courtesy of Raechel MyersYou know I love her tutes!   And these look quick and easy!  They will be donated for a Relay for Life auction.  I'm not sure what else I should make.  Still thinkin on it.  Suggestions?

Other than that, K is hassling me for some p.j. shorts.  It's warming up and back some time ago, I scored two twin size flat sheets on clearance at Wal-Mart for two bucks each!  I was so excited that day, I could've burst!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend, I did!