Friday, July 1, 2011

our week in review

I know I haven't been here in awhile,
so I feel the need to do some catch-up.

Sunday, we shipped K off to 4-H Camp.
Monday's mild weather ushered us out for some target practice.
'Cuz he knew his sissy was doing this very same thing at camp, too.

It was just the two of us.

Daisy-Boo serenaded us with her complaints.

Mama and her babies graced us with their presence.
She's so beautiful with her white speckles.

We're missing 3 hens now.
Not-so Fantastic Mr. Fox and a friend were spotted in the field behind the house.
They're dead meat!

Last week, I took a canning class.
Previously, I knew nothing about canning and up until recently,
I'd never had the desire to sew, garden, can.
Anything absurdly domesticated.
Monday night, we made mulberry jam.
'Cuz we're drowning in mulberries here.

 This morning, I was weeding in the garden and the UPS man drove by.
He went to the next house, so I didn't think anything of it.
Then, he came to our driveway and because the dogs were making such a ruckus,
he honked the horn and I ran through the yard, muck boots and all, to get my package.
I knew it!  It was my canning cookbook!...

Now, check out this quilted table runner I'm working on.
I'm gonna hand stitch some glass beads on to it,
hoping to give it a little extra.

I've never, ever quilted anything.
So, I started with the simplest of patterns.
How can you go wrong with four triangles to form a square?
Answer:  you cannot
Boring, but simple
Sometimes, I really like simple.

Also, it's totally wrinkled because K wore it on the first day at camp
and it hasn't made it to the washer yet,
but she got lots of compliments.  So, I just had to add it! 

It was a plain white tank top/undershirt that was now too short,
but otherwise, it still fit just fine.

Will try to make a tutorial soon 'cuz a friend of K's wants one too
and K has one more top to chop!

Lastly, while weeding our garden, we found some seriously large caterpillars.
So, the kids put them in a bug catcher, immediately they made chrysalises and today,
K noticed that they had hatched.

So they fought over who would hold them.