Wednesday, October 5, 2011

super glue, never again will I touch

I was simply trying to glue a magnet onto the back of a foam picture frame for the man.
Knowing that I didn't want to glue it more than once,
I made the decision to use super glue.
It was guaranteed to stay, right?
A little bit extreme, but it was not coming off again!
Some days I feel so blond.
No offense, it's just a saying.
I have two blondies.  Quite bright ones, I might add.
And I have blond friends who are quite genius too.
OK, I'm rambling.  Back to the subject at hand.

Well, nothing came out of that little tube and it was fairly new,
so I squeezed and squeezed and squeezed harder.
Until it flew like a bat out of well, you know and all over me!

Yep, you heard right.

I now have a hand covered in super glue.
Spots of super glue on my neck.
I did manage to get them off.
My sweater and scarf are sporting crunchy, dark spots of yep, you guessed it...super glue.

Needless to say, before it dried,
I found that my rings were beginning to seriously stick to my fingers.
I panicked.
Hysterics began.

With his agile mind, C ran to the cabinet and grabbed the cooking spray,
sprayed my hand and I worked the rings off.

My rings, they now look like this...(sniff)

In the entirety of my life,
I will never ever touch another tube of super glue so help me, as long as I live.
That's a promise.

I also have forbidden my children to touch it, eeeeevvvvver.

It will now be stored in the "workshop room" for the rest of its sticky stinkin' life!
And I will stick to ~no pun intended~ Elmer's school glue, carpenter's glue, liquid nails, epoxy even, anything but Super Glue.

On the other hand, I am not sad about my rings.
OK, maybe I am.
Just a bit.  I'm clearly in denial.  (sniff)

This will be one of "those" stories that will be told forever.
Oh, there are sooo many.
You can't make this stuff up.
C will laugh his butt off about this.
And tell our friends.
I'll never live it down.
I'll just learn to laugh with them.
And one day it will be funny.

For now, I am thankful, praising God, that we got them off before they completely adhered, before I was sitting at the hospital or waiting for them to "wear" off. 

There, I have made lemonade amidst my lemons.
Today, I will be content.