Friday, August 24, 2012

last Sunday night

Last Sunday night, we walked up the street two blocks to the pastor's house.  From there, we joined his family and walked another block where we gathered with friends, strangers, and neighbors in the yard, on the sidewalk, and in the street.  There, lived a man named Tab.  I can't say that I personally know him, but I've heard lots of good things about him and it's something when you're reputation precedes you.

Tab had cancer and it had spread.  He was undergoing chemo treatments to fight the cancer and it was taking its' toll on his body.  He would start another long week of treatments on Monday and be hospitalized for the duration.  So instead of meeting with our small groups, we were called to action by one Mrs. Fisher.  She felt a burden on her heart for him and so she rallied everyone she knew and they rallied everyone they knew. 

I couldn't help but get emotional. It was so incredible to watch as we walked, the droves of people coming from all directions. Walking, driving, they came from the east, west, north and south until we all met in this one common place for the good of one man this community had come to love.  We quietly littered this area in front of his house and Pastor Steve gave us instructions on what to do next and led us in a prayer.  Without their knowing, we dispersed into little groups and surrounded their house, peppering their yard.  Some sat in small circles, us, we stood and held hands.  We prayed aloud.  Prayers of strength, peace, courage.  Prayers of healing.

With Kyle leading, we sang songs of worship and praise, lifting Tab up.  And While I have never met him, nor his family, I do know the devastation cancer causes.  It effects all those around you and it is never kind.  We finished with people telling Tab how much they loved him, how much they were praying for him and how much he'd done to better the youth of this small town.  I left, saddened by what this man and his family were going through but, on a high, because our God is good and sovereign.

So, as I sat this morning, with the whir of the washing machines, I read the first four chapters of Nehemiah.  Chapter 4, Verse 20 reads..."Wherever you hear the sound of the trumpet, assemble there.  Our God will fight for us."  Immediately, I thought of Mrs. Fisher.  She heard the sound of the trumpet and as we stormed the heavens in prayer for Tab and his family, I pray that even today, God is fighting for us, for them.  I thank you, Mrs. Fisher for your obedience, for your leadership, for your love of our God and his people.