Friday, August 17, 2012

oh no! no gps?

I'm sitting here in misery this morning.  My GPS is missing.  I dare say it was stolen.  See, my memory is a disadvantage and so are my navigational skills.  They are my faults and I claim them dually.  I have searched high and low and come up empty-handed.  So, here I am.  Stuck.   No grocery shopping today.  I know, sounds pitiful, huh?   And, just who in their right mind would be down in the dumps over grocery shopping.  Well, I was super excited about making this.  Not to mention we could use some actual food around here.

Yes, I Googled the directions, but gave up before I even finished writing them down.  I'm what I like to call "extremely navigationally challenged."  It's no joke, I can get turned around in a heartbeat.  It all begins to look familiar and then, there I am lost as lost can be.  So, I give up without even a fight today.  We washed clothes and hung them out on the line.  That's the end of it.

My poor husband calls, gets to hear me whine and complain while he's dealing with his own DMV mess.  I won't go there.  Sometimes I wonder why all of the bumps in the road?  And I recall what I texted Mother Teresa yesterday...Job 23:10, "But God knows the way that I take, and when he has tested me, I will come out like gold."  Sometimes, in the midst of my own anguish, I forget the words He has given me for reassurance.  Shame on me.

On another subject, Illinois may be compared to Arizona in that they are both flat, but how does someone with frizzy hair move near "the windy city"and call it OK?  I love the constant breeze here.  I understand why the school and a lot of homes have no air conditioning, but the hair thing kills me. 

A week ago, I had dinner with friends and just about the time we were paying for the check, I slipped into the bathroom and realized that a section of my hair was flung over on the wrong side and sticking up.  I looked like a complete DORK!  And I had sat through the entire dinner like that.  (And who said it was OK to let your friends look like dorks?!  People, help them out!  Fix that mess!)

Somehow I see hats in my future this winter.  Maybe that'll be next on my list.  Learn to crochet or knit.  Guess I could always sew fleece hats.  Definitely not as cute though.  Hope your weekend is starting off better than mine.