Monday, August 20, 2012

saturday XC

This weekend marked the first on our tour of Cross Country events around Illinois.  Being it was our first weekend as Cross Country parents, we knew not what to expect.  Only that we were there to cheer on one crazy running chick (and her team of course.)  Venturing an hour away, we stood, patiently waiting for her turn to hit the course.  The gun went off and she was gone.  With angst, we waited to see how our phenomenal chick would do on the course.  She did well, really well, we thought for being new at this.  She gave it her all and I think she even impressed herself a little.  She pushed through the pain, the feeling of puking and made it to the end with a good time.  I thought it was good.

Afterwards, we celebrated with lunch.  Her pick ~ ribs (who's surprised?) at Texas Roadhouse and then we took the chick to be fitted for new running shoes.  She's excited about this year and we are too.  So there's no soccer, is that a crying shame?  Partly, but she's found something else to work at.  It's a start.  A new start.  A different start, but a good start.  She's made new friends and we still talk to her old friends daily.  I hope it's not as bad as she had imagined.  I haven't seen tears over this in a long, long time.  And she knows at least 5 people in her class.  So, I'm excited for this year.  A new year, a different year, but a good year.  Now if I could just find my GPS.  I'm leaning on the edge of stolen, not lost.  Dare I say it.

Photo courtesy of J.Attaway