Friday, August 31, 2012

though I walk through the valley

This week has been a valley indeed.  Our birthdays ushered in a new week here in IL and I personally thought it was off to a good start.  Oh, how the devil has plans otherwise.  I read an email that infuriated me and honestly, I should've closed the computer and walked away.  But I didn't and that was my first mistake.  I played right into the his hand.  Mr. C and I argued and set up camps on opposite sides of the issues.

Next, my mom called and delivered bad news.  It was damaging to my then current mental state but, despite his plans to defeat me, I overcame.  I spoke The Good News to a very important person in my life and more than just checking it off my list of moral obligations, I felt relief that if this seed didn't grow, I had at least done my part by planting it.  I pray that it goes farther than just a simple conversation but, that it falls deep in his heart and lodges in his mind daily.  I pray that the Lord will take it and use it for His will, that it would not go in vain.

Early week saw me spending a lot of time in tears.  Not only did I feel absolutely helpless being 850 miles from home but, the thought crossed my mind that death was chasing after my family again and there's wasn't a dang thing I could do about it.  That was precisely the exact same time that I realized my allergies were all amuck and I was in for it.  All snotty and coughing, I pulled it together on Wednesday to start my end of week baking for there was to be a bake sale at the Fall Festival benefiting our church.

I had big plans for breaking this kitchen in properly.  I came up with a game plan on paper, I would tackle Mountain Dew cakes, banana bread, and to prepare and freeze cookie dough on Wednesday.  Thursday would be yeast rolls and coconut pies, and Friday would be chocolate pies and pecan pies.  This was going to be a tight schedule that had no room for sick and tired written anywhere in it.

Around about Tuesday (or maybe it was Wednesday), Mr. C and I united in battle and the world was a better place.  We only had one cross country meet this week, I've fulfilled my baking plan (I cut back on one thing because they're calling for - oh - only 2 to 7 inches of rain!)  Eleven pies, ten dozen cookies, three cakes, two dozen rolls and a loaf of banana bread later, I feel good!  The kitchen is where I live to be, can you tell?  I've talked to quite a few friends and family, we received a surprise package (MANY, MANY THANKS!) and even had a surprise visit from dear folks from home!  I just hope it doesn't rain before we get to experience the outdoor movie at the amphitheatre in the park tonight.  In any case, we've overcome another week full of ups and downs, but our God is still good!