Wednesday, March 6, 2013

cornbread salad, restautant style steak and bbq potatoes

Dare, I say it?  I found love again.

I'd had this dish a summer or two ago for the very first time.  Never got the recipe or even its name, but I never forgot it.  Finally, I ran across it again on Pinterest.  (It's been my board cover ever since.)  And so, last night it debutted and despite the audience's lack of enthusiasm, I was taken by its color, its appearance, its taste.  Yes, it was true love.

I used this recipe.  And I admit there was one thing I would called for 2 to 3 cups of cornbread.  Now, it's a known fact that this girl loves her some cornbread...bread...rolls.  Who's counting?!  Don't judge!  So, for me, it personally wasn't enough.  I used one package of Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix baked in an 8x8 inch dish and only had 3 pieces (or a third of the pan) left.  Next time, they're all takin' the plunge.

Today, I sat in bed with my cornbread salad - yes, I said "in bed" - and ate it straight out of the trifle bowl.  It's a sin but look at it this way, no one else will eat it and I was doing some internet research.  Don't judge!

I think we had the best dinner eva last night.  I'd bought filet mignon for the Mister's homecoming.  I cooked it "restaurant style" and it was near perfection. (We weren't fans of the butta.  Next time, I'd do butta, garlic and parsley.  And leave out the thyme, it was a little overpowering.  I'm undecided on the lemon zest, I didn't think it did much.)  One thing I do agree on...there's no room for steak on the grill any more.  At least not for this sister.  I am restaurant-style all the way baby!

I made 2 batches of my infamous yeast rolls.  They turned out to be the best eva as agreed upon by us all.  (I usually criticize my food pretty heavily, so that was something to note!)  We also tried this new recipe for "BBQ Potatoes".  Mmm, they were so good and so easy.  We all ended up being stuffed.  I think it was all the butta.  Yep, I blame it on the butta.

Photo courtesy of Kayotic Kitchen

I mentioned that I'd baked cookies for the Mister's homecoming but I didn't mention the cake we made, with inspiration from hereCan you tell we love it when he comes home?  I love the gold sugar crystal sprinkles we used for the heart. That cake was gone in days.