Wednesday, March 6, 2013

middle of the roads rendezvous

So, Thelma and I've been talking lately about how we need a getaway.  Seriously y'all.  

The talks started Monday.  Today, being Wednesday and it is so a done deal!  Being the nerd, I went straight to work on where we'd stay and what we'd do.  I conferred with Thelma regarding my findings and she agrees.  She's a history buff and there's lots of history and country legend stuff to explore in Kentucky.  We're gonna stay in the lodge of a state park because they're inexpensive and tucked away.  Being moms on a budget, we like pocketbook-friendly accommodations.  I don't mind dated (as most state park facilities are since the nation's collapse) but I do require clean. 

I've read reviews up one side and down the other and this place passes.  It has rooms with a lake view and all of our tourist destinations are within a short drive.  Emergency fast food chains are only a few miles away and they have WIFI (not that we'll spend much time in our room, but still, a girl can't live without it these days.)  I'm not a huge fan of chain hotels.  I like places off the beaten path.  Somewhere, quiet, nestled and cozy.  A place where you ask the locals what their favorite haunts are.  A place where you see the same faces day in and day out.  And those faces are happy to see you return at night.  They ask about your day and feel like family.

Our plans include visiting some museums and of course, walking the streets of these little towns to find their best kept secrets...stores, eateries, coffee shops, bakeries.  We have to fit dining into this plan and I can't wait to eat some Kentucky grub.  On my list are Derby Pie, a real Kentucky mint julep and last but certainly not least, my favorite barbecue!  Oh goodness, I'm hungry just thinking about it!

So while everyone goes on about their regular ol' day, Thelma and I have blacktop roads and Bluegrass Country on the mind.  May the days pass quickly and the miles fly by.  Woohoo!Bring on Kentucky!

Note: Thelma is most always and only called Thelma when I speak of road trippin'. One, because of road trips. Two, because she shot her ornery rooster with a shotgun right after he attacked one of her littles and scratched him just under the eye. I still like to laugh about that. Not about her boy being attack, but the thought of her stompin' off with a big shotgun and blowin' his feathery guts to smithereens. Otherwise, she is kindly known as Mother Teresa for all her efforts in volunteering and the greater good she does for humanity. And no, Louise was the one who shot the guy on their road trip but, Thelma's real name starts with a T and it's just easier to keep straight that way.