Tuesday, May 21, 2013


The man is sound asleep in his bed.  Has been since just before six.
He was up late last night with all the storming and
holing up in the bathroom.
It wasn't a fun time.
I sit anxiously awaiting his cries.
He went to bed with a headache.  I'm sure from lack of sleep.
Ever since birth, that boy has required a solid amount of zzz's.
The dryer just stopped and I pray that he sleeps on.
He's barely even changed position since he first got in bed.
He hasn't had any dinner and I fear he'll awaken with a hearty appetite
and keep me up all night 'cuz he was born with the curse.
The curse of my crazy metabolism that screams,
"It's time to eat!"
every couple hours.
Poor guy.
On a totally different subject but, still having to do with food...
 Miss K and I made P-Dub's Restaurant Style Salsa.
Heavenstobetsy, it's so, so...words escape me it's so dang good!
Then, to extinguish the crazy-good burn,
I helped myself to some banana pudding.
It was only two spoonfuls.
OK, really it was like four.
What can I say?
There is no chance in Hades for a toned beach body.
I'm watching as the sky grows darker and darker.
I keep a constant eye on The Weather Channel and
pray we don't end up sleeping in the bathroom again.
Oh, it is so not fun.
Miss K is at a friend's.
The sports banquet was tonight and I got stuck at home with the man.
Evidently there was a small soiree afterwards and all of her friends were there.
Texting madly, I gave in to the urge to double check the details.
Shoo!  Only ten more minutes 'til she's home.
I don't like this weather.  At least there's no tornado watch.
Only calling for thunderstorms from 1 until 5 a.m.
I hear the low roar of our neighbor's semi pulling out,
headed for Mississippi he'd said earlier.
The wind is quiet tonight.
Thus far.
I put the garbage can, basketball goal and archery target in the garage.
We've battened down the hatches,
prepared for the worst,
hoping for the best,
praying all the while.
By now, everyone is "bedded down" for the night.
The man remains deep in slumber.
No worries.  I checked in on him.
He was sweaty and so I peeled off some of his covers
and turned the A/C down some more.
We always sleep better when it's cooler.
Snug as a bug in a rug.
Everyone except Handsome Husband,
who's most certainly dining on steak of some sort.
Oh to be him.
Well, some days.