Saturday, May 25, 2013

(almost) the best day (ever)

It's almost the best day ever!  Guess what arrived?!!

Cookbooks!  Not just any cookbooks.  No, The Pioneer Woman cookbooks!

I have to admit, I was surprised to see these gems.  Last week, I ordered them and have been checking daily to see when they'd arrive.  Sadly, their expected arrival date was May 30th.  So I almost hit my head on the ceiling when the post-lady rang the doorbell.  I knew exactly what those packages were and I stepped outside and yelled, "Thanks!" as she climbed back in her car.  If she would've been standing there, I believe I would've kissed her.  Honest.

Oh dear, I thought I might shriek in excitement and pass out.  But then, I couldn't look through the new one, which our library didn't seem to have.  I could've put a hold on one from another library but, I knew, I had to have these for my own personal collection and I would've renew them for the rest of my life but, they might catch on to that soon or later.  Don't ya think?

And sorry, I wasn't about to leave my perch in this warm, comfy bed on this cold rainy, perfect-for-layin'-around day just to find the perfect backdrop for this photo.  My apologies. 

Remember I told you Miss K and I made PW's Restaurant Style Salsa?  Well, it's almost gone.  Worse yet, Handsome Husband and I are the only ones eating it.  Let's just say that I ate it for breakfast two days in a row and for lunch, and that the roof of my mouth is now completely raw but that hasn't held me back any.  I'll also add that Handsome Husband claims the hottest thing he eats is mustard.  Mustard y'all!  It's sad.  But he's eaten this salsa like candy.  Like candy, I say!  We're in love.  With Pioneer Woman.

On a totally unrelated subject, Handsome Husband is out with our neighbor for some manly bonding at Sears.  Ya know, where they hang out and drool over tools for hours.  He loves that kinda stuff.  Well, I get a text with a picture of a grill.  OK, can I just say that I've been fighting every cell in my body not to run out and purchase a grill, patio set, burgers, brats and steaks because there's just something about Memorial Day that screams cookout and friends.  (Not to mention, we still have a grill and patio set in Virginia that's never made it here.  Sounds like time for another yard sale back home.)

I kindly asked him not to entice me with photos of grills because I'm weak and I'll go buy one in a second.  Don't tempt me.  He replied he was just looking at our options and so I reminded him to keep his options to himself.

OK, enough rambling.  I have cookbooks to drool over, dinners to collaborate, and grocery lists to make.  Oh the excitement!
Happy Memorial Day weekend!