Monday, May 13, 2013

two more weeks. two more weeks!

We woke up this morning whooping it up (eww, I don't like that word, whoop)  that there're only two more (real) weeks of school!  Can you believe it?!  After I got my little bugs on the bus, I began obsessing about our timeline.  Two more weeks.  Two more weeks to clean. pack. prep for Father's Day.

A thought crossed my mind.  Beach-worthy body.   Is there such a thing?  After eating four, I glared at the chocolate chip cookies Handsome Husband had left on the counter.  (He was to carry those to work and dispose of them there.)  I wanted to throw out every stick of butter, jar of mayonnaise and slice of bread in this house!  Immediately, I hopped on over to Pinterest where I made sure I had this and I began work on this

Later, I brewed five bags of green tea (they were small bags).  Green tea contains nutrients that help block fat absorption and help raise metabolism.  (I don't think I need either of those seeing as how I have to eat something every couple hours just to ward off headaches and the shakes.  But someone in this house thinks they're overweight.  I won't name any names.  It's not me.  It's not the littles.  I'll just say that I disagree completely but, it's not my body afterall.  So, I can only say so much.)  Plus, green tea helps your body utilize carbs more efficiently and, it contains powerful antioxidants that slow the aging process and help fight cancer and heart disease...says Dr. Oz.

To my green tea (totaling 3 quarts of water/tea), I added one sliced lemon and one orange plus a handful of mint leaves.  Lemon is good for digestion, oranges are packed with Vitamin C which helps break down fats, and mint is an energy booster.

We'll see how see the next couple weeks go.  I'm, by far, no fan of greek yogurt, but I'm bound and determined that we will eat healthy.  A chicken salad makeover is first up. 

I'm tired of Handsome Husband and I groaning about how we wished we looked.  I'd come face to face with my almost thirty-four year old body that's birthed two babies and isn't perfect.  Until I realized I had two weeks before we hit the road.  (Really it's four, but I tell myself it's two so I can bust tail to get in shape.)  We can't cook like Paula Deen and Ree Drummond and expect to look like we want.  Although I do love those ladies and their calorie-rich recipes but, let's face it, no ranchers here.