Tuesday, May 21, 2013

twenty-two on tuesday

1. The sun is shining.  Praise God.
2. I'm exhausted.
3. We spent time holed-up in our basement bathroom last night due to the storms.
4. Handsome Husband was in Kansas but, he's fine.  I'll be happy when he returns.
5. I'll be ecstatic to high-tail it home when June rolls around!
6. I've never seen wind blow like it does here in Illinois.

7. When the wind let up, we ran upstairs and I sent everyone on mission to get things for holing-up...blankets, pillows, flashlights.  We're not accustomed to this.
8. As we were scurrying around, dumb-dumb Dais decides to pee on the man's floor.
9. How would I ever hear a tornado coming if the carpet cleaner's going?!
10. My heart mourns for the people of Oklahoma.
11. We're alive.  thankyouJesus.
12. I picked up a piece of glass to fix the broken basement window.
13. I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of two cookbooks that I cannot wait to get my hands on.
14. I need more cookbooks like I need a hole in the head.
15. Only 5 more days of school left.  Five.
16. We have 3 graduation parties to attend this weekend.
17. I keep telling myself my child will not be t.h.i.r.t.e.e.n. on her next birthday.

18. Or that we'll be parents of a seventh grader.  Or that my baby'll be 7.
19. The man (a.k.a. my baby) made pumpkin pie this weekend.  He likes to cook.  {smile}

20. In addition, I made not yo mama's banana pudding (for the second time) cuz I'm high maintenance and snobby when it comes to food.  I like it rich and buttery.  Try it.
21. The only thing that could beat it come close is the cooked "naner puddin" Thelma and I had with coffee as we sat in the suh-weet rustic ~no kids, just mamas~ confines of the Jenny Wiley.
22. Storms'll be back for another round tonight.  Sayin' my prayers.  Maybe you could say one too?