Monday, October 18, 2010

Cute as a button and ain't big as a cake-a-soap!

...One of my Grandma's phrases.  It's stuck with me through the years, definitely one of my favorites.

My daughter calls this one Movie Star because she's wearing eye shadow and liner.  These babies are just starting to grow feathers, 1 week 3 days old.  Soon, they'll be in that teenage stage where they're awkward looking...going through puberty, sprouting feathers here and there. 

When my husband first started talking about getting chickens, I was not at all excited by the thought.  It made me cringe.  Birds - UGH!  I love to watch them from inside, but I am not a fan of birds.  (Although, I do love to eat chicken!)  So, when they came, 20 in all, I wasn't the least bit thrilled, but they grew on me.  Most anything in baby form is cute, I couldn't help it.  So, the days drug on and I checked on them constantly, felt like I couldn't leave these tiny babies by themselves.  My son and I would drive my daughter to school and when we got home, it was time for chick the waterer, giving them food, cleaning out their box, holding them.  A friend of mine said they are the best pets you'll ever have.  I really thought she was crazy.  They roam free during the day, we pen them up at night.  When we come out of the house, they start clucking because they want attention, treats and exercise.  Once you open the gate, they follow you around the yard like little dogs, eating bugs, clucking and scratching the dirt.  They love bread, table scraps, watermelon and tomatoes!  I LOVE my chickens!  And yes, my friend was right, they are the best pets ever!