Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

So, after soccer and lunch, we made our way over to Round Hill Farm to hit the pumpkin patch.  My husband knows the owner and we hadn't been there in a couple of years so it was good to go back.

There's lots to see and do...They have a petting zoo, where you can feed the goats, donkeys, sheep, cows, geese, chickens and pigs.  There's the "corn box" (ya know, like a sand box, but corn.  It's a lot of fun, I LOVE it!)  There's a playground, pony rides, hay rides, Off-Road rides in a big military truck, face painting, food and drinks.  Let's not forget, apples, pumpkins, gourds and mums.  We had a blast there! 

Here are some of my favorite photos...

The Combine Slide - Sorry, had to add this.  It's not a working combine anymore, but was once upon a time...

Ya think that's Charlotte?