Friday, February 4, 2011

Completed, ongoing, and projected endeavors

I told you I'd be back, with pics...

K and I were so excited about these...can you ever really have too many pjs?! 


Flannel fabric from the remnant bin = $1.50
Elastic = $1.47
Twill Tape (drawstring) = $1.27
Total = $4.24!

Then, you know who had to have some too - Thomas the Train, they had to be, he said.  And so we made them...

(I love the patience of our subjects and this photo says it all - on the move!)

I used a combination of two online tutorials to make these jammies.  This one.  And - OK, the other one, I cannot find.  I will add, that this lady is a little long winded and difficult for me to understand, completely my opinion - you, on the other hand, might find nothing wrong with her tutorial.  I need simple instructions with pictures, so you can definitely find easier tutorials if you're looking but, I had to give her credit.  Thanks lady!

Next, the man and I decided to make these felt envelopes for his classmates from this tutorial from Roots and Wings Co....

They turned out well...and yes, one day, I will get down and serious about taking those photography classes so I don't end up with wonky photos like this one.  I'm obviously doing something wrong because I adjusted my settings per Beth and I still got this.  (OK, so, I remembered SOME of what she said, not all of it.  Guess I need to read that email again, huh?  I'm feeling a little disarrayed today.  You can tell, huh?)  I told her my sewing area is very well lit but, I don't know, dag on it.  I'll go back and read the email, she probably left more instructions than I can remember.

I made the stripe-y one a week ago and this morning at Jo-Ann's, I found this fabulous "hen house" pattern that I absolutely couldn't put down.  I wasn't too excited that the latter was a little more mustard-y than I had expected but, I am partial to chickens.  So, it's a keeper!

The pillow tutorial is SUPERB! and extremely easy, courtesy of Raechel Myers.  So, easy that, newly 10 year old, K made her own pillow with a little help from moi.

We are getting ready to start this...

...courtesy of these ladies again.

And this tutorial by Dana Willard...

So, that's about it.  I made a cover with a pocket for the FoodSaver but, no pics for that.  I might get around to showing it one day.  And we're making a couple more of these as gifts.  To be honest, I'm kinda sick of 'em.  They're cute as all get-out but, we've made a few and I just need a break from 'em!